Haakaa and LaVie giveaway

We're giving away a Haakaa Generation 3 Premium Breast Pump and Bottle Pack PLUS a LaVie Lactation Massager. These two amazing products have a combined retail price of $240 and are a 'must have' for any new or expecting mama's, especially if breastfeeding is part of the plan.

To go in the competition all you have to do is help spread the word about Uber Mama by doing the following:

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The winner will be randomly drawn on Hump Day Wednesday 5 September. 

We're proud stock the Haakaa Generation 3 Premium Pack at Uber Mama as we believe it is truly the best. Forget the imitation Haakaa's out there, as there's a reason the word Haakaa has become synonymous with silicone breast pumps - it's because they are by far the best.

In the early days after having my little one it really helped by relieving engorged breasts as well as catching otherwise wasted milk that would normally drip into a breast pad. Using the Haakaa I was easily able to catch between 20-100ml of breast milk in a single use!!! This is an amazing and innovative way to store a little stash of breast milk. What's even better about the Haakaa Generation 3 pack is it comes with high quality bottles and teats so your all set to catch milk for your baby and then swap a few parts around and start feeding him/her. Win win and a product we can't endorse any stronger.

The LaVie Lactation Massager is a also a game changer and we're really excited to offer this at Uber Mama. This clever little tool will help relieve any blocked ducts and will assist to stimulate milk flow and encourage increased supply. 

Combined the LaVie and Haakaa premium pack make for a great combo as they work hand in hand.

Goodluck everyone!

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